Double-Goal Coaches have two goals. The first is to win. But a Double-Goal Coach has a second goal: to teach players life lessons—which are ultimately more important than winning on the scoreboard.

Make sure to keep in mind the three principles of Positive Coaching:

  1. Filling the Emotional Tank
  2. ELM Tree of Mastery
  3. Honoring the Game

In addition, recall the power of Positive with regard to coaching. Filling your swimmers’ Emotional Tanks helps them to feel connected to the team. By focusing on effort and Rewarding Unsuccessful Effort, you’re sending a clear signal to your team about the key to improved performance.  And lastly, teaching and modeling ROOTS gives swimmers the framework they need to act with integrity and feel proud about it.

We’ve put together a Game Plan document that lists the tools you learned about in this course. Download it from the course materials.


Spend some time thinking about how you will implement these tools this season with your team. It’s a good idea to share your Double-Goal Coach Game Plan with your fellow coaches so they can support your efforts.