“Everybody is so different, but he knows how to treat each person the right way. I don’t know how you do that when you literally have a bunch of swimmers that are totally mentally different, but somehow you know how to treat every single one of them the right way. It’s pretty cool.”

Melanie Margalis on Jack Bauerle – “Swim Swam”

Bauerle – Head Coach 2008 U.S. Olympic Women’s Team; Assistant Coach 2016 U.S. Olympic Men’s Team; leading all-time NCAA head coach at the University of Georgia.

So, let’s get into the four tools you can use in working with your swimmers to keep their tanks full:

  1. 5:1 Magic Ratio

  2. Buddy System

  3. Positive Charting

  4. Winner’s Circle

Download a Sample Script for Filling Emotional Tanks by clicking below.