• “What time are we supposed to arrive?”
  • “Why can’t my daughter swim her best stroke?” 

Do those questions sound familiar? They’ll be a lot easier to handle if you use the Positive Coaching tools called the Parent-Guardian Letter and the Parent-Guardian Meeting.

Read below to see what you can accomplish with the Letter and Meeting.

Coaching Philosophy:
Share your coaching philosophy with parents/guardians. It can be as simple as “I’m a Double-Goal Coach who cares about winning and helping my swimmers meet their potential in and out of the pool. That means I want our team to be one that Honors the Game and has fun.”

Use the parent-guardian meeting to have positive interactions with all parents at the start of the season. Leave time for them to ask you any questions before the season gets underway.

Talk about logistical issues – like practice and meet schedules, what time swimmers should arrive, and how to contact each other.

Number of Events:
A large percentage of communication is about the number of events a swimmer can swim. It’s a good idea to explain your team approach now. For some teams, this means each swimmer can only swim two individual events and two relays, allowing everyone a chance to swim. For other teams, the number of events a swimmer can swim may be based more on skill level.

Next, download a sample Parent-Guardian letter, Pledge, and Meeting Agenda from the course materials.