Summer League Swimming’s

Background Screening

To become a member of Summer League Swimming, you must successfully pass a criminal background screening. Background screening is one step to help ensure a positive and safe environment.

Background screening is required for:

  • All coaches or junior coaches age 18 or above,

  • All adults (team reps, volunteers, staff, officials, etc.) who have regular direct contact with a swimmer.

Sterling Volunteers Screening Provider

Background screening is provided through Sterling Volunteers, one of the leading background check agencies in the country. Sterling Volunteers follows the best practices in data security. All your personal information is kept private and safe.

Sterling Volunteers allows you to share your background screening with multiple participating organizations, of your choice, as well as check your current status.

The background screen can take up to 7-10 business days to process. If the background screen is submitted on the weekend or during the holidays, the processing time will be delayed.

Background Screening Associated Fees

The cost of the background screening process is included for coaches if your team is a member of the SLS Safer Summer Program, unless your alias is pulled in the state of New York. New York counties charge an additional fee of $95 per alias to access your background. Any additional fee will be charged to you directly by our provider, Sterling Volunteers.

Background screenings are available for non-coaches or coaches not in the Safer Summer Program for $36, plus the $95 New York county fee, as applicable.

Coach and Non-Coach Membership: Level Three Screening

The level three background screening affiliated with the Summer League Swimming membership consists of a criminal record search in all county and state jurisdictions of an individual’s last seven years of address history. The screening process also checks a nationwide criminal database of over 350 million records and a proprietary nationwide arrest record database to identify records in places the individual has lived and/or visited. The Complete Criminal Record Locator Search searches alias and maiden names in addition to the individual’s primary name.

Searches have no history year limitations. The majority of states follow the Federal Reporting Guidelines, which allow convictions to be reported with no time limit and non-convictions to be reported for seven years from the arrest date. Select states (CA, KS, MA, MD, MT, NH, NM, NY & WA) allow a minimum of seven years of conviction data to be reported, but limit or exclude non-conviction data.