We live in a world full of risks – some of which could affect your swim league at any time. That’s why insurance coverage is a great idea. Here are some insights on why you need it now.

General Liability & Accident Protection

As a swim coach, you have the unique ability to give your students a valuable life skill. But teaching a student how to swim is a big responsibility that can come with risks. This is why insurance is so vital.

While the pool is a great place for fun, learning, and competition, there are also many opportunities for accidents. Imagine a kickboard is left on the pool deck and a swimmer trips over it, falling and injuring her elbow. Unfortunately, you could be held accountable for the injury.

Beyond the risk of potential injury, you could be held liable if your client suffers property damage while you perform your services. For example, if you failed to remove the pool vac from the pool prior to lessons as instructed and a student jumps on the hose and breaks it, you could be held financially responsible for the vacuum.

These incidents can not only be frustrating and stressful to deal with, but they can lead to a lot of hassles. With comprehensive insurance coverage, you get coverage from third-party claims of bodily injury and property damage that may arise out of your work.

Sexual Abuse & Molestation Coverage

It’s not something fun to think about, but it’s vital to have insurance coverage to cover sexual abuse and molestation incidents. With the business model of a swim league, there can be a high risk of exposure to sexual abuse. Even though extensive background checks can help minimize the risks, it’s impossible to hire perfect employees 100% of the time. This means it’s essential to have the proper coverage in place. In the event of a sexual abuse claim, it’s important to act fast and get your swimmers the professional help they need as soon as possible.

Defense Against False Claims

When it comes to sexual abuse and molestation incidents, not all of them are true. If a claim were to arise, it will often lead to a he-said-she-said allegation, and investigations to get to the bottom of it are costly. That’s why you also need insurance coverage that covers anyone working for or through your swim league. This way, the personal liability of league officials, volunteers, and coaches are protected if an incident occurs, so that only proven guilty perpetrators are rightfully subject to criminal or civil liabilities.

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SLS stays committed to protecting the integrity of the sport and supporting safer and healthy programs.

SLS Insurance Coverage is the Answer

When it comes to insurance coverage for your swim league, SLS is your answer. Fewer and fewer companies offer insurance for swim leagues. And it’s even rarer to find coverage for defense against false claims. You don’t want to leave any base uncovered, so making sure you cover everyone and everything is important.

SLS stays committed to protecting the integrity of the sport and supporting safer and healthy programs. No matter where you are in the United States, we’re ready to lend a hand. Let us help you reach your full potential!

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